Brigantine braun Größe S/M 2te Wahl

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Brigantine / Plate Skirt: In this type of body armor, which was very popular with foot fighters, metal plates are riveted from the inside to a carrier material. So you only see the rivet heads from the outside ... Very well suited to fool the opponent, who only realizes at the first hit that there are plates under the surface as well ... The bearer of the plates is a kind of Gambeson. So you have two armor in one: the upholstery and comfort of the Gamberson and the protective effect of the plates.

The steel plates are about 1mm thick. The plates are of course attached to the front, back and sleeves. Lockable with leather straps. The straps are made of genuine leather and are riveted to the Brigantine. The sleeves are attached so that the freedom of movement is not restricted.

Ideal for LARP and exhibition combat! (For the show fight we recommend the combination Gambeson + padded Brigantine). For LARPer not unimportant: the Brigantine gives more armor points than a chain mail, but it is by far not so difficult and easier and faster to put on! Tip: Simply order the cheap arm and leg splints - and you are armored from head to toe with plate!

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